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About FF 

Frontier Foundry is an AI company pioneering ensemble AI platforms, orchestrating diverse algorithms to detect patterns and mitigate risks from vast datasets. With globally renowned domain experts, we tackle the toughest challenges, aiming to revolutionize industries by delivering scalable AI solutions that enhance decision-making and mitigate enterprise risks. Our specialty lies in blending multiple AI models to drive innovation and measurable results across various sectors.

Our Platform

Our secure AI platform integrates custom Large Language Models (LLMs), Machine Learning, domain-specific risk adjustment capabilities, and a proprietary visualization platform within a unique data ingestion and analysis architecture. Leveraging advanced analytics with a vast library of AI algorithms, our platform identifies risks, devises optimization strategies, and empowers human experts across diverse sectors, driving value and strategic advantage.

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AI… in Space!

AI… in Space!

Without further ado, a look at a year in AI and space. Or, more accurately, confusion about AI in space. Read the full blog here.

Spaced Out at the Swedish Embassy

Spaced Out at the Swedish Embassy

Top 3 impressions from an evening with the Swedish Space Corp at a roundtable including NASA and the White House. Read the full blog here.

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Our Team

At Frontier Foundry, our people are the cornerstone of building the future. Founded by experts in federal financial regulation, policy making, intelligence operations, homeland security, and critical infrastructure protection, we’re dedicated to leveraging secure AI to mitigate risk. Our team is unmatched in expertise and driven by a shared mission. At Frontier Foundry, we bring these brilliant minds together to deliver actionable AI solutions swiftly, addressing your most pressing challenges head-on.

Sultan Meghji

Nick Reese

Dr. Jimmie Lenz

Dr. Roque Martinez